Once maintenance assets, activities, and schedules have been prioritized, they need to be actively managed along with other jobs and work orders already scheduled (e.g., for unplanned maintenance). TreeAM includes an enterprise-grade asset maintenance system, in use at many industrial and manufacturing facilities of Fortune 100 companies, which has been extensively modified for the maintenance of environmental assets. This provides TreeAM with a complete suite of capabilities to apply the proven asset maintenance strategies and techniques to vegetation management. Examples include:

  • Create different types of jobs and work orders. Currently TreeAM integrates preventive (routine), unplanned, and predictive maintenance strategies.
  • Define jobs and work orders in terms of utility assets (e.g., feeder circuits or line segments) or vegetation assets (e.g., tree species, count, location, and condition).
  • Coordinate activities and work orders generated from different vegetation management programs.
  • Track activities, resources, costs, hours worked, consumables, and equipment use. Customers have complete flexibility to track only what they need, e.g., only contractor costs and hours worked.
  • Create and manage tickets and service orders, integrating them into the work order management system.
  • Access to a wide range of analytical and reporting tools related to asset inventory, asset condition, maintenance activities, and failure analysis.

TreeAM can be configured to support any mix of vegetation management strategies, from a stand-alone line clearance program to a fully integrated vegetation management program for a large utility.