TreeAM offers companies selling vegetation management products and services custom branded solutions to lower internal costs, expand the scope of their products or services, and provide more complete solutions to their customers. Examples include:

  • Suppliers of chemical products such as herbicides, insecticides, and tree growth regulators, which require timely and accurate tracking of treatment protocols.
  • Providers of UAV or fixed-wing digital data services such as LiDAR and high-resolution imagery. This data, normally delivered to customers as shape files or on a visualization platform, can be integrated into TreeAM to create a new paradigm for end-to-end “digital” vegetation management. TreeAM can also help to coordinate long-term digital data acquisition with line clearance and other vegetation management programs.
  • Utility arborists looking to enhance the value of their services and better engage with their customers.
  • Developers of analytical and decision support tools for vegetation management, which can be integrated into TreeAM as their proprietary “analytical engine.”

Case Study

Tree growth regulators (TGRs), like other chemical treatments for vegetation, must follow a reasonably strict application protocol with regard to the timing and quantity of product delivered. Failure to do so results in adverse consequences. A leading supplier of TGRs to the utility industry has developed a proprietary application protocol, the result of over 20 years of research that calculates TGR quantity and next application date based on tree species, DBH, region, and several other factors. The paper forms, sliding scale and Excel spreadsheets normally used by the company could not incorporate all the desired variables of the protocol. Using these tools in the field, invoicing, and more importantly, the timely and accurate planning for subsequent TGR applications become very time consuming, cumbersome, and error prone. The problem becomes even more acute with increasing number of trees and utility customers.

To address these challenges, the company is using a custom implementation of TreeAM dedicated for the internal use by the company’s team of arborists, applicators, and management. Visibility and access to data and features for each team member is restricted to the task they need to perform and the utility customer(s) served by the user. Similarly, each utility customer can view work status only for its trees. Senior company management has access to all data and functionality. The software implements all TGR application requirements, from offline field inventorying to generating reports for final customer invoicing.

The company can now scale its operations easily at low costs. Utility customers who wish to use their own staff or contractors can license this TGR module for their dedicated internal use.