TreeAM will help customers collect, archive, and manage a wide range of data sets that over time will evolve into a comprehensive “knowledge base” for smarter, integrated vegetation management. Utilities, for example, can immediately start using their existing data online and offline to improve planning, prioritize maintenance activities, and track costs. This data can be in spreadsheets, GIS layers, or enterprise databases. TreeAM does not need GIS data to provide its full functionality.

Archived data can then be updated with additional fields, or with entirely new data sets from other vegetation management programs (e.g., herbicide applications) at any time.

Examples of TreeAM’s data collection and management capabilities include:

  • Capture data from a wide range of sources and technology platforms, e.g., offline, Excel, enterprise databases, GIS servers, asset management systems, and emerging UAV systems (e.g., imagery, LiDAR).
  • Maintain current and historical inventory data for different asset classes (e.g., feeders, poles, regulators, switches) and vegetation management programs. Each inventory table can have its own unique attribute data.
  • Provide timely, efficient and error-free transfer of data from field crews to other teams.
  • Add, change, or remove inventory table data attributes as vegetation management programs evolve.
  • Permissions-based sharing of information with other departments, contractors, and customers.