Control Costs

Continuous cost improvements requires more than an efficient work order management system. In addition to analytical tools, the ability to prioritize maintenance activities, and a complete work order management system, TreeAM includes several other capabilities to help customers reduce vegetation management costs over the long term, e.g.,

  • Ensure the right activities get done at the right time, especially for herbicide and tree growth regulator programs.

  • Adopt and integrate data from new technologies (e.g., LiDAR) gracefully, without major disruption to current operations.

  • Maintain a centralized knowledge-base to provide business continuity in the event of changes to staff and contractors.

  • Easily add new capabilities or modify existing features of TreeAM to improve on current levels of performance.

  • Reduce or eliminate people interactions and manual handling of data.

  • Get complete visibility over work done by staff and contractors.

  • Track and analyze costs to the desired level of detail.

  • Minimize delays and errors in data transfers from the field.

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