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Tree Asset Manager (TreeAM) is a software service of EcoLayers, Inc. The company started operations in 2008 recognizing the market need for a cost-effective software platform for the integrated, adaptive, and collaborative management of a broad range of environmental assets such as trees, landscapes, water bodies, and catchments among others. Paper, Excel, email, and GIS based software are the primary tools currently used for managing environmental systems. These tools were never intended for handling the range of issues and challenges posed by environmental assets. Consequently, almost the entire space of environmental asset management has remained highly inefficient and ineffective. 

The company’s initial efforts led to the development of its innovative Integrated Environmental Asset Management System (iEAMS). iEAMS has been proven through more than 30 projects for customers that include the California Water Quality Control Board, the US Forest Service, arborists, the World Bank, utilities, cities, counties, water districts, farm bureaus, conservancies, and watershed/river groups

Tree Asset Manager (TreeAM) evolved from the work done for the US Forest Service implementing their latest generation of models for urban tree growth, biomass, and ecosystem services. Essentially, TreeAM is iEAMS modified for the management of just one environmental asset class – trees and vegetation. Given the company founder’s deep roots in electric power engineering, TreeAM functionality and market focus naturally shifted towards utility vegetation management.

Joe Purohit

Joe Purohit is founder and CEO of EcoLayers, Inc. He brings over 35 years of experience in commercializing innovative technology solutions for complex problems in infrastructure industries such as electric power, telecommunications, software, and solar. He began his career at General Electric where his team conceived, designed, and demonstrated the industry’s first real-time distribution automation system. Later at At AT&T, Joe worked in strategy and market development to commercialize wireless, voice, and video technologies which have evolved into the modern internet. He then joined Amoco’s technology division to grow their photovoltaic business in large-scale utility applications. At Amoco, he spent five years living in Moscow and London leading the development of greenfield electric power projects in the emerging markets of Russia, Eastern Europe and India.

Joe received his undergraduate and graduate degrees is electrical power engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, India and the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, NY, and an MBA in finance and marketing from the Wharton School of Business.

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