Trees and vegetation are naturally occurring environmental assets. Their growth, condition, and failure are affected by many factors that are difficult to predict or control. For these and other reasons, the requirements, strategies, and best practices for managing environmental assets are fundamentally different from those for managing “built” assets.

In spite of these differences, most of the current software tools for vegetation management are based on technologies and practices generally used for managing built assets, e.g., geographical information systems (GIS), and asset or work order management systems. Utilities not using these software solutions are relying on labor-intensive paper forms and maps, Excel spreadsheets, emails, and similar tools. The inherent limitations of all these tools has forced vegetation management into silos of data and manual processes, resulting in the high costs and inefficiencies of vegetation management.

Tree Asset Manager (TreeAM), a new class of software conceived, designed, and implemented from the “ground up” to manage environmental assets, offers customers new solutions for their vegetation management needs.  


TreeAM Customers

  • Electric Cooperatives
  • Municipal Electric Utilities & Urban Foresty
  • Products & Services Providers
  • Special Projects

TreeAM is developed as a software platform (i.e., a tool kit) containing a suite of tools capable of addressing a wide range of vegetation management needs. Modular and flexible, the software can be easily configured to provide each customer a fully customized solution that meets current needs. The system can then evolve over time with new data sets and functionality based on each customer’s acceptable pace, budget, and priorities.

Ideal TreeAM customers are those seeking long-term, data driven continuous improvement in vegetation management costs and failure risks. 

TreeAM Software Overview



Tree Asset Manager : Tool Kit and Capabilities Overview






      • Data

      • Processes and workflows

      • Vegetation management programs

Content management

      • Many types, multiple inventory tables

      • Many sources, including UAVs

      • Inventory and maintenance history

Centralized knowledge-base

      • Single-point of access to all data

      • Support changes in staff/contractors

      • Standardize long term data collection

Manager Larger Scale

      • Large inventories, data, and users

      • Different asset classes

      • Minimize information overload for user

Analytics and Models

      • Custom or third party models

      • Simple queries to 3D complex models

      • Vegetation/built asset interactions


      • Affordable start-up and life cycle costs

      • Track, analyze, and control VM costs


      • Software platform, like a tool kit

      • Customers receive fully customized system

      • Start small, then add modules as needed

Special tools

      • Enterprise Asset Management System

      • Easy-to-use map based user interface

      • Tablet app to work offline without GPS

People collaboration 

      • Departmental & enterprise levels

      • Contractors & consultants

      • Permissioned access to data & features


      • Meet changing customer needs and priorities

      • Maintain operational continuity

      • Responsive to technological changes

Interfaces With External Systems

      • Asset Management Systems

      • GIS and web services

      • UAV platforms

Visualization & Reporting

      • Tables, charts, and maps based reports

      • Export data and maps

      • Custom reports

As shown in the grid above, TreeAM tools and capabilities mirror the requirements of managing vegetation as environmental assets in an enterprise setting. This level of functionality is difficult, and practically impossible, to achieve using conventional tools such as paper forms and maps, GIS, and asset management systems.

TreeAM includes several vegetation management programs, each with its own planning, scheduling, work order management, and cost-tracking functionality:

  • •   Inventory data collection for multiple asset classes.

  • •   Inventory management and condition assessment.

  • •   Line clearance by circuit miles.

  • •   Line clearance by tree locations.

  • •   Mowing and herbicide treatment.

  • •   Tree growth regulator treatment.

  • •   Tree Risk Assessment.

  • •   Tree Appraisal.

Access to data and functionality is limited to what users need to do their work, making TreeAM simple and user-friendly.


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