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Arborists play a unique role in urban forestry management with broad areas of responsibility involving field work, tree and project level  analysis, client relationships,  and advisory services.

TreeAM - Arborist is pre-configured with essential functionality for the  special needs of arborists in a single software package.

Ultimately, TreeAM will help arborists:

   -  Increase productivity

   -  Deliver value-added services to clients

   -  Improve customer retention.

TreeAM is ideal for tree care companies serving enterprise customers whose core business will benefit from proper tree care.

TreeAM will help tree care companies grow sales and differentiate their services cost-effectively, more so with increasing  size and complexity of their clients' needs:

  - Use staff and resources more efficiently

  - Provide customers and crews near real-time views of inventory and jobs statuses, planned schedule, and reports.

  - Support site's sustainability objectives

  - Interface TreeAM with customer's GIS or AM systems

  - Expedite handling of Service Requests, Reschedule Job, and Cancel Job.

Enterprise customers are owners of trees: Cities, private/public campuses, property developers or managers, arboretums, and nurseries among others.

TreeAM will empower them with the data and tools to manage trees as performing assets, either stand-alone and/or in support of other business objectives. Consistently, reliably, cost-effectively. Use TreeAM for:

  - Planning and budgeting

  - Lower life-cycle maintenance costs

  - Monetizing the benefits of tree assets

  - Emergency response (storms)

  - Permitting and compliance

  - Customer relationships and retention

  - Information requests

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Tree Asset Manager (TreeAM) is the most comprehensive and cost-effective suite of software tools for managing all aspects of trees on commercial, public, and residential properties. TreeAM offers unique and superior capabilities for a wide range of tree care and urban forestry needs:

 Numerous modes for capturing tree inventories, including interfaces with enterprise GIS or Asset Management systems

  +  Complete access and control over all inventory and maintenance data

  +  Conduct inventory updates, appraisals, risk assessments, inspections, and complete/reschedule/cancel jobs

  +  A map based user interface for handling all major TreeAM tasks

  +  Ability to customize staff roles and responsibilities, workflows, inventory tables, and reports

  +  Apply analytics to improve planning, maintenance, and permitting decisions

  +  Monetize tree benefits or incorporate them into enterprise-wide or site-level sustainability metrics.

  +  Reduce liability and risk exposure through routine, conditional, and predictive maintenance.

  +  Coordinate service requests and maintenance with other departments and organizations.

  +  Optimally allocate jobs between internal crews and multiple contractors such as tree care companies and arborists,

  +  Improve customer retention and responsiveness to service requests. For municipalities, justify need for adequate funding.

  +  Detailed, needs-based reports that can be shared online with customers, management, committees, and contractors.

Designed for use by  arborists,  enterprises (municipalities, property developers, HOAs, utilities, arboretums),  and  tree care companies,  TreeAM will improve ROI of investments in trees, while monetizing their tangible benefits and lowering risk exposure.

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